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Become a Page Supplier or Partner

If you are a supplier and want to partner with PAGE Cooperative, contact us.

The goal of PAGE Cooperative is to combine its volume purchasing and to bring supplies and services to PAGE members at a cost lower than members could expect to command on their own. In return, PAGE suppliers receive substantial benefits.

Sales Opportunities

PAGE continues to grow year after year opening doors to new prospective customers and building larger potential purchasing volumes.

Centralized Billing

PAGE is the “bill to” while the member is the “ship to” (no credit checks required).

Marketing Opportunities

PAGE assists suppliers in quickly getting the “message out” to all members through newsletters, member meetings, supplier bulletins, website, e-mail blitzes…

Collection Services

PAGE pays all member bills within terms – including taking advantage of early payment cash discounts – providing suppliers with a consistent cash flow. It also is a centralized source for invoice problem solving.

How it Works

  • PAGE becomes the negotiating arm of many newspapers, thus limiting the amount of negotiating time/expense required from the supplier’s end.
  • Under the PAGE Cooperative model, suppliers continue to have a direct relationship with the end user/purchaser – PAGE members order products directly from the supplier.
  • Endorsement/Review by the Supplier Evaluation Committee of all PAGE supplier programs ensures that both members and suppliers are treated fairly and equally.
  • Supplier evaluation process by members is available in several areas PAGE does not accept all supplier proposals, striving for long-term, win-win relationships.

Our Fee

A small administration fee funds the PAGE Cooperative. PAGE Cooperative suppliers are asked to pay the fee based on a percentage of sales. Some suppliers also have a tiered rebate program that increases as more PAGE Cooperative members purchase products. There is no other initiation or ongoing fee for a PAGE Cooperative supplier.

Start The Application Process

If you would like to start the application process to become a PAGE Supplier, contact PAGE Cooperative with the form below.

Become A Supplier or Partner