Zero-cost App development – Meet Replicapps iPhone iPad and Android

December 13, 2010

No Risk No Hassle Apps – Launch Partner Opportunities

Replicapps is our new zero-cost iPhone iPad and soon to be Android app development inspired by our bespoke app range. We are excited to offer this opportunity to publishers recognising that a zero-cost market entry allows greater flexibility and testing before embarking on a bespoke development project. The success of our clients bespoke app’s; such as Metro Canada Washington Examiner and CN Group enforces our belief that publishers just need to get their foot in the door to realise the benefits mobile app’s offer. Replicapps is that foot in the door for newspaper and magazine titles.

From this experience and expertise we have developed our first standardised app template which allows publishers to go mobile with no design or development costs. Our in-house team build test and launch your application so your titles can be part of the growing app marketplace with very minimal effort on your behalf.

Too Good To Not Be True

Replicapps will soon be going live with launch partners titles which feature page turning edition functionality download search and social tools. Similar to our digital editions all your titles processing and scheduling is automated so the resource demands remain low.

Our app technology is already an industry leader; featured in almost all of our 23 bespoke projects we’ve had No.1 ‘news’ ranking in iTunes across three territories with a further six being selected by Apple as featured app’s.

Replicapps Simplified – Our Innovative Proposition

The Replicapps product proposition is designed to be a low risk simple and straightforward opportunity to maximise mobiles burgeoning market.

* Zero cost app – Branded iPhone iPad and Android apps.

* Clear Revenue model – Options for ‘Paid-For’ titles and ‘Free’ publications.

* Page turning PDF replica editions – Exceptional zoom and same workflow as digital editions.

* Search social networking and download tools – Amongst the many reader tools.

To take a closer look at our latest product pack please just click here Replicapps call or email Ben Edwards ( today.