Yes your current staff can do it… and survive.

September 24, 2010

New devices like iPhone and iPad have multiplied the ways of reaching new readers. They have also increased the stress on the newsrooms with editors trying to cope with the news working almost around the clock. At IFRA 2010 which will take place in Hamburg in a few days Protecmedia will be showing how to run an integrated newsroom and survive.

New digital channels -tablets like and smartphones- can smoothly be integrated along with other more traditional ones like web and print. As a result the multi-support publishing is something not just possible but real and easy. And what is most important… with virtually no need for a staff increase.

Editors will enjoy not just the new iPad and iPhone devices but a number of new publishing possibilities with them. To start with the almost classical eReader or digital version of the printed copy is now enriched to include photo galleries or movie-clips. It flows most naturally on those devices. Editors can also decide to go beyond that and explore the new content presentation capabilities of these devices. How to tell stories in a new dynamic way with a navigation capability that further expands the web experience.

Now content has the ability to “come to life” with visually rich details. Audiences have already given their nod to this new media. And advertisers too: they are eager to present their ads with links to web pages embedded videos and visual effects in a more attractive way and interacting with potential customers. Your audience can now be bigger than ever. Distribution takes on a whole different meaning when digital users are also included into the database. Publishers can easily provide paid content and value-added services. Advertisers can enjoy a media that can now provide a richer content than TV stations and much more personal. Synergies are just too evident in this approach as they are the results both in terms of publishing quality and reduced costs.

MILENIUM Cross Media Protecmedia’s platform for publishers provides a unique environment for a truly integrated newsroom where the stories evolve and morph into multiple presentations in order to adapt themselves to the multiple readers preferred viewing method. Through the specific viewers developed by Protecmedia for those devices publishers of newspapers and magazines can now offer an appealing reading experience. Image galleries videos visual effects… If that can still qualify as “reading” at all.

Protecmedia is also providing customizable apps for iPad and iPhone designed to take advantage of the interactivity and visual richness of those devices.

Protecmedia at IFRA Expo 2010. Hamburg Germany. October 4-6. Hall A1 Booth 1.110. Just let us how many complementary passes you would like for the Exhibition or learn more about Protecmedia solutions and webinars by contacting us at and don’t forget to tell us you are a PAGE member!