Yellow Page Rates Supplied

July 15, 2009

Article by: ProMax Training & Consulting

The Yellow Page reps are aggressively selling print online and search options attempting to secure advertising dollars for a full year.

ProMax offers a one-day training program focused on understanding Yellow Page advertising sales techniques and advertising options as well as how to best convert ineffective advertising to the newspaper’s many print and online products. The program also provides complete details of all sizes and prices in your market.

The ROI on this program is incredible! Cape Cod for example has seen close to ½ million dollars of incremental revenue and the Ottaway group over 1.2 million this year already. Please feel free to contact Molly Evans Vice President of Advertising for Ottaway to speak to her regarding the results of the program: (845) 346-3226 /

I look forward to speaking with you regarding this once a year opportunity or any of your training needs!