WoodWing at Bonnier Corporation

May 22, 2008

Article by: WoodWing – The Americas

WoodWing replaces QPS at Bonnier CorporationOne of the largest magazine publishers in the United States has begun replacing its QPS installations with WoodWing’s industry-leading Smart Connection Enterprise editorial solution.

Bonnier Corporation is a multimedia company that publishes more than 40 special-interest magazines. Two of the company’s best-known titles Parenting and Babytalk are making the switch from QPS to Smart Connection Enterprise and officials at Bonnier Corp. say it’s been a seamless process.

“The transition from QPS to Smart Connection Enterprise has gone very smoothly ” said Mark Poulalion the Publishing Systems Integrator at Bonnier Corp. “The support from WoodWing has been outstanding and the ease in set-up far exceeded our expectations. I look forward to the future installations.”

Parenting with about 28 users was the first Bonnier Corp. publication to install Smart Connection Enterprise and will be followed by Babytalk with 15 users. Parenting is the nation’s premier magazine for mothers with a paid circulation that tops 2.1 million. Babytalk meanwhile is the nation’s oldest baby magazine with a tradition dating back to 1935. It has a circulation of about 2 million.

“These are some of the foremost publications in the world with a rich tradition and a reputation for excellence ” said Brian Kruger CEO of WoodWing USA.“ We’re pleased that the installation has gone so well and we’re confident that Smart Connection Enterprise is going to provide Bonnier Corp. with significant improvements in their workflow.”
About Bonnier Corporation

Bonnier Corporation is one of the largest consumer-publishing groups in America and with more than 40 special-interest magazines and related multimedia projects and events it is the leading media company serving passionate highly engaged audiences. Bonnier Corporation is part of the Bonnier Group a privately-held Swedish media group of 150 companies operating in 21 countries.

Shawn Duffy