WMG works with NEWSCYCLE SOLUTIONS (Authorize.net PayWay or BP Gateway)

February 1, 2017

Wholesale Merchant Group NEWSCYCLE SOLUTIONS integrations

Wholesale Merchant Group can work with your NEWSCYCLE SOLUTIONS Advertising Circulation Accounting and Web Suite systems. We can work with your existing Authorize.net processing gateway Edgile PayWay gateway or by having Newscycle Solutions map to our award winning BluePay Payment Gateway and its Authorize.net emulator plugin.

The BluePay Payment Gateway is a more technologically advanced award winning lower cost alternative to Authorize.net or PayWay and has numerous other web and back office systems integrations plug-ins and hosted payment forms. Using the BluePay Payment Gateway interfaced with Newscycle installations gives you numerous additional options to tie into your credit card processing needs.

The BluePay Payment Gateway also has lower monthly and per transaction fees than Authorize.net which is usually billed direct to your business bank account and separate from you merchant services statement. Our gateway is billed inclusive with your merchant services fees and statements. See additional information on the BluePay Gateway in our reference sheets or at https://www.bluepay.com/payment-processing/gateway/

For additional details or to get a FREE no-obligation rate and processing audit please contact Don Turek at (954) 757-4066 or don.turek@wmgfl.com. You can also visit our website at www.gotowmg.com