Will Newspapers And Print Classifieds Die With The Baby Boomers?

March 12, 2008

Article by: Matchbin

Newspaper life line bleak unless changes occur soon.

Salt Lake City Utah October 29 2006- Since the invention of the printing press the newspaper has been the number one source of information for everything from local news to finding that perfect garage sale. However as reported daily and often plastered on covers of leading magazines the times are quickly changing for newspapers!

The immediate danger newspapers face is losing print classified categories which consequently means billions of dollars for the industry. Gone to date are employment automobiles and next on the chopping board real estate. Where have they gone? Online.

Online competitor’s websites are jerking classifieds out from under the feet of newspapers and doing it in record time. Within the last five years newspapers have lost categories that once earned them a nice chunk of change.

So who has the answer? And if it is presented will newspapers take the initiative to do something before it is too late? Can they once again control the empire they have always dominated?

Recently at the National Newspaper Association Convention in Oklahoma City two companies Matchbin and ArcaSearch launched MyAdSource their global solution for newspapers. By joining technologies they created a solution allowing local newspapers to join the MyAdSource network of inter-connected newspapers nationwide. Using this network consumers are able to conduct online searches through their local paper’s website and instantly receive all print classified ads that appear in their paper as well as ads found in other papers that are a part of the MyAdSource network. The search results also display online ads which have been posted through other online communities affiliated with Matchbin.

MyAdSource is the first to offer the ability to search local state and nationwide classified ads posted in print or online through local newspaper websites. Through the partnering of Matchbin and ArcaSearch newspapers have the ability to offer popular social networking features such as blogs chat rooms event calendars and clubs. Another feature of MyAdSource enables newspapers to publish each paper online.

Newspapers no longer have to fend for themselves. Survival of the industry specifically saving print classifieds and other potential advertising dollars rests in the hands of publishers nationwide. Will newspapers and print classifieds die with the Baby Boomers? The answer resides with the baby boomers who own the papers.