IPC: When Will It All Be Over?

November 9, 2020

Article by: IPC

I’m sure you are as tired and stressed over this COVID OVERLOAD as much as I am.

IPC has been fortunate enough to be able to supply PPE products to many of our customers and it has been rewarding in some ways that we might have protected them from getting the virus. BUT, it is boring and not very creative. With that said…

What will the “NEW NORMAL” look like?

I agree with most of you in saying that this Industry that we have come to love will never be the same.

Whatever the New Normal will be, it will certainly not look like the Old Normal. Many of your clients will not return. Our customer base will be reduced. We need, (have to) work harder to take care of the customers that are still out there.

Be Creative and Unique! Don’t just be an Order Taker. Tell them why and how you can get them results. Inspire them to get creative with their advertising. Show them examples you have come up with for them.

We cannot follow the same old playbook; we have to create a unique and very profitable future for ourselves. A NEW INDEPENDENT model if you get my drift.

Your clients and prospective clients are very anxious to get back to business. This is a good thing for us.

Use a different approach and give them new ideas, address the new realities of the POST COVID world.

Remember, your customers, just like us, are reinventing themselves and reenergizing their business.Not only to survive but to thrive! Will your customers be calling you for help? Probably, maybe, maybe not. If they do, they will be expecting more from you, expecting “different”, and expect to pay less.

Are you ready for the challenge? Get ready now, act fast. Redo Website? Whatever it takes to move forward. After all, you too are in the Marketing business… So stop doing the same old thing and expecting a different result.

IPC is here when you need ideas and/or Promotional Products. (And of course, Poly Bags).

I am a firm believer in always leaving a little something behind when you call on a customer. Besides a business card that gets put in a drawer or trash can. As little as a nail file, box cutter, etc. and remember to budget Christmas gifts for your good advertisers!

Take advantage of our Tumbler offer for gifts! But most of all, you should be selling them to your advertisers! Every week, we are selling Tumblers to golf courses, marina’s, American Legion, etc. the sky is the limit!

SO, while you were debating if the glass was half empty or half full … I SOLD IT!