West Coast Newsprint Update

April 28, 2017

Article by: NORPAC

West Coast Newsprint Update

As of this afternoon (2PM EDT) three west coast suppliers have announced a $20/mt (30# basis) price increase for June 1st. Standard Newsprint only.

* Catalyst
* Inland (Not a PAGE Supplier)
* We are waiting to hear from Resolute (Ponderay mill only). It will
not be a surprise if they match the other announcements soon.

There are no talks of east coast suppliers attempting an increase at this time. If that were to change we will update the group accordingly.

This information is confidential and for PAGE members only. If you have any questions please contact John Snyder (800-468-9568 ext 176) Steve Schroeder (800-468-9568 ext 187) Joan Graff (800-468-9568 ext 196) or Marcy Emory (800-468-9568 ext 182).