VendAsta – Media Distribution Solutions Partnership Brings Total Solution to Social Media Marketers

April 24, 2012

Article by: VendAsta Technologies Inc.

Frisco TX (PRWEB) April 22 2012

Social Media content and technology in a single easy to deploy offering is the promise of a new partnership between VendAsta Technologies and Media Distribution Solutions. The partnership offers digital marketing companies the ability to source everything they need to enhance their product offering including reputation management a customer portal video social media content and more.

Under the terms of the Letter Of Intent VendAsta will have the right to package the BetterSocial™ and BetterVideo™ content offering from Media Distribution Solutions into their technology creating a full-featured solution. Media Distribution Solutions will have the right to license VendAsta technology. Together the companies are offering a complete package that serves the social media needs of businesses with a full range of technology features and content.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to include video and social media content as part of our solution. Media Distribution Solutions and their BetterSocial and BetterVideo services make the ideal partner to help us enhance our leadership position in the industry ” says VendAsta CEO Brendan King.

The partnership brings together two best-in-class products that offer businesses the ease of a single source supplier coupled with an expansive feature set designed to drive social media success. The VendAsta technical solution offers a single sign on customer portal from which they can manage all of their social media activities. This coupled with reputation management tools applications and a multi-presence auto-posting engine create an easy to use tool that maximizes the effectiveness of new media. The BetterVideo and BetterSocial solutions offer the quality content a social media platform needs to drive success. Montage videos custom videos and a library of social media posts articles and photos bring a rich content solution that drives user engagement and builds strong relationships with consumers. Content is organized and available by business category key words type geo-coding seasonality proximity-coding and other important characteristics to create a powerful tool for getting the most out of social media. Posts by businesses with links to articles and video provide consumers with topical information that they have previously stated are of interest to them. By simply following a business consumers can receive content that informs entertains and improves their quality of life. Businesses benefit by providing a meaningful service to their customers and building stronger relationships with them through social media.

“VendAsta is a leader in the social media platform space and we are very pleased to be working with them to deliver social media excellence to the market ” says Mike Shell CEO of Media Distribution Solutions the company behind BetterSocial and BetterVideo.

The partnership solutions will be available as white label services designed to enhance the service offerings of digital providers with high quality technology and content. Together the companies make it easy to bring a complete solution to the market.

VendAsta Technologies is a Canadian based firm that builds white label software platforms to help small to mid-sized businesses connect with their customers online. With a full suite of technology solutions the company brings social media excellence to digital marketing providers including online yellow pages newspapers broadcasters SEO services Certified Marketing Representatives web hosting providers and interactive agencies. Reputation management customer portals posting engines and social media analysis tools from VendAsta have been bringing value to global companies since 2008. For more information go to

Media Distribution Solutions (MDS) offers the BetterVideo and BetterSocial solutions allowing digital marketing providers the ability to quickly and easily add high quality video and rich social media content to their product offering. The MDS team has been supplying industry leading highly scalable cost effective digital marketing solutions to SMB service providers for over 15 years. From creating business profile videos to managing advanced social media campaigns MDS solutions have the features advertisers want and the tools service providers need to deliver results. MDS has produced and delivered over 50 000 videos using our BetterVideo service allowing small and midsize businesses to leverage the power of video content in their digital marketing strategy. BetterSocial allows users to create manage and power all of their presences with content from an extensive multi-media library that is tagged and purposed for social media deployment. The company’s video and social media solutions enable service providers to offer high quality solutions that meet the market need in a digital marketing world. For more information go to