Unique Opportunity at Hand: Front page commemorative newspaper plaques of Obama s win will make great Christmas gifts

November 10, 2008

Revenue Generating Opportunity Alert:

American Plaque a PAGE Cooperative valued resource supplier is producing commemorative front page Obama Wins newspaper plaques for purchase by your readers. Not since President Kennedy s election has there been an opportunity like this.

Let your readers know that they can own their own piece of history by purchasing a front page "Obama Wins" newspaper plaque through your newspaper.

Contact American Plaque to set up your free account. Customers who want the commemorative plaque order either through us or you. We produce ship and collect the customer s money for you. PAGE will send you your profit share check.

See the samples below of the beautiful front page newspaper plaques we have produced.

Newspapers partnering with American Plaque have seen a significant rise in revenues. Articles business reviews photos announcements and anything else that adds to a reader s "15 minutes of fame" can be plaqued.

Plaquing is a scientific process that seals preserves and displays cherished articles and photographs on a beautifully prepared hardwood backing.

Currently readers are paying good money to plaque your articles at local trophy shops. That revenue could just as well go into your pockets. American Plaque allows you to keep that revenue.

Send us your historic front page from November 5 2008 and we will turn it into a historic keepsake in time for Christmas gift giving.

Contact American Plaque at 310-474-1880 or visit the web site at www.americanplaque.com. Email: bonnie.silverstein@americanplaque.com