Trueflow Rite News PDF Workflow Streamlines Prepress Production

December 5, 2007

Article by: Screen USA

Workflow management integrates front-end systems into a seamless process that manages prepress production from editorial to printing press. Trueflow Rite News organizes key processing tasks to optimize the output performance of the PlateRite News 2000 CTP system.

Screen developed Trueflow Rite News specifically for the newspaper prepress environment. Based on Screen’s popular PDF-based workflow management system — acclaimed for efficiency productivity and precision in commercial printing environments — Trueflow Rite News brings greater speed and control to newspaper production.

Trueflow Rite News easily integrates into existing systems delivering exceptional PDF-processing capabilities. Trueflow Rite News features PDF-based RIP operation trapping and additional workflow functions.

The optional imposition module offers additional efficiency with the ability to rename files impose pages and print proofs. With Trueflow Rite News imposition production departments can easily deal with last-minute changes or late-breaking news page replacement — and still make deadline.

Trueflow Rite News accepts PostScript standard PDF and 1-bit TIFF files. Imposed PDF and PostScript data can be accepted as output-ready jobs. For output-ready jobs operators can use Trueflow Rite News’ hot folders to create fully automated workflow paths. Trueflow Rite News also offers the option to output CIP3/4 PPF ink-key preset data.

The easy-to-use graphical interface enables on-screen previewing and thumbnail images of page data during and after processing. With unlimited seat licenses users can monitor job progress from any networked computer.

In addition Trueflow Rite News supports Screen’s extensive screening library options for both newspaper and commercial print environments including Spekta hybrid AM/FM screening.