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April 1, 2010

Release schedule for the Newspaper Association of America’s MediaXchange April 11-14

MOLINE Ill. – An all-in-one content management system – serving both the Web and print production – has been beta released by

Total CMS is being unveiled at the Newspaper Association of America’s MediaXchange April 11-14 in Orlando Fla. The products are already planned for deployment company-wide across Lee Enterprises newspapers.

Until now most newspapers needed two systems – one to produce their web products and another to produce their printed news pages. Now they need just one system – BLOX Total CMS which totally integrates articles videos photos graphics and other content into one system.

“Total CMS is a major breakthrough that fully integrates newsroom systems with Web publishing ” said Lee Enterprises Chairman President and Chief Executive Office Mary Junck. “It streamlines the copy editing process lessens the production burden on editors and provides advanced tools for better print and online products. Also because it greatly reduces hardware needs the cost savings can be significant.” is offering private demonstrations of the new products at MediaXchange in Orlando.

The web-only version of BLOX was released at the 2009 MediaXchange. BLOX allows editors web masters or others designated by the newspaper to place programmable and movable blocks of content any place on a web site. The blocks can be moved by newspaper staff members or can be programmed to move appear or disappear at designated times and dates.

Each block can be programmed to pull in text photos videos graphics HTML documents related links and portable document files. Smart blocks can change structure or design in response to the type of content they are fed (video versus text for example).

BLOX CMS is fully integrated with an interactive calendar blogs Social Marketplace online Yellow Pages classifieds and more.

All the content is managed in a centralized database and content can be easily shared between other newspapers on BLOX CMS. Total CMS allows the content to be flowed into InDesign templates.

BLOX CMS contains its own word processor and photo editor that can be linked with commercial word processors and photo editors.

Total CMS is fully integrated with a new Social Marketplace solution which merges business information (default business listings as well as detailed profiles) with user-generated content (videos photos etc) calendar information and advertising content (both display and classified) – all under a single sign-on. BLOX Social Marketplace allows businesses and members of the public – if granted permission by the newspaper – to manage commenting advertising content and reviews on business profile pages.

“We are very proud of these products ” said General Manager Marc Wilson. “We think BLOX and BLOX Total CMS will set the new standard for content management systems.”

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