Three Ways to Leverage Search Engine Marketing Free Webinar for PAGE Members

February 19, 2009

Search engine gatekeepers can help you earn much needed new revenue!

Google Yahoo and a myriad of other search engines have managed to annex much of your content and a good portion of your local advertising base. It’s about time that newspapers turn the table and generate new revenue streams from search. Local search marketing initiatives can generate much needed new revenue from three local search related fronts: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and Local Internet Yellow Page Directories (IYP).

What are the most valuable online assets today? The answer is simple; site visitors and local advertisers. Generating revenue through Local Search Traffic is the easiest opportunity to address. Ask yourself “How often do you see results from local newspapers displayed in the search results displayed on Google?” Local papers often don’t have the information on their site and when they do it’s poorly constructed and doesn’t rank well in search. Having a comprehensive private label Internet Yellow Page directory with highly optimized listings served from the publishers site will catapult an answer from your site to the front page of the search results served by Google and Yahoo. Those results get clicked on by end users and the advertising displayed on those pages generates money. We’ll discuss how your directory can achieve significantly more traffic and what return you can expect from that traffic.

This second search solution which presents an opportunity to generate significant revenue lies in providing search visibility for local businesses. Most small business stand little or no chance of getting found in search. Small businesses tend to be ‘competed out’ of the front page by yellow page providers and major brands. In the cases where local businesses do have web sites those sites tend to be poorly built and have poor online rank scores. You can offer search engine optimization services which can lift your advertisers to the top of local search results. We’ll talk about how you can present a meaningful mass market SEO offering to hundreds of local merchants and professionals in your area. SEO when appropriately bundled with other online offers can be a product which lets your sales team reach out to every business in your community. Providing local SEO under your banner addresses the key advertiser question “How do I get found on Google and Yahoo?”

Finally we’ll touch on what’s meant by Search Engine Marketing. We’ll spend some time on pay per click advertising and the ad revenue that can be had from your larger advertisers who want broader online exposure. We’ll address the ‘when’ and ‘who’ to introduce it to in the local Marketplace.

Come learn from the experts meet ….Jeff Rapson Steve Espinosa and Carolee Clarke online March 4th at 1PM EST. You may sign up for this free webinar by going to: