The Job Network Provides Cutting Edge Solutions

July 22, 2008

Article by: RealMatch (The Job Network)

The Job Network Provides Cutting Edge Solutions

The Job Network serving hundreds of media companies in North America has been called “Scary Competition for” by Business Week Magazine and told “This is a brilliant approach… an e-Harmony for job seekers” by Borrell Associates. Employers don’t want just more resumes to search through…..they want to quickly and easily find the few good qualified candidates they are looking for.

A recent survey of over 3 400 HR executives from the site The Recruiters Lounge uncovered this:

• Only 6.7% strongly agreed that searching resume databases often uncovers quality candidates
• Only 15.5% strongly agreed that most job boards provide useful tools to manage and make hiring efficient
• Over 93% said the job boards they use do not have built-in applicant tracking systems and 78% said tracking would be helpful
• Over 92% said they are not satisfied with the mainstream job boards and would consider new options

In response to the frustration of employers The Job Network using its award winning RedMatch technology is the only company that provides the type of solutions HR professionals are demanding through its media partners. No more need to search a resume database. Now qualified applicants are graded ranked and sent to the employers making their lives much easier and saving them many hours in the recruiting process.

The Job Network provides tools HR executives said they want to manage the hiring process along with a built-in applicant tracking system and a solution that is far better than the main stream job boards. It’s the new option HR executives are demanding. It builds tremendous value for newspapers offering these new exciting services to their advertisers.

Alan Schonberg head of MRI the largest recruitment company in the world said he believes The Job Network technology has the potential to be bigger than his company and highly recommends The Job Network because of its revolutionary matching technology.

Here’s what two newspapers who recently launched The Job Network had to say:

“The Job Network has given us a suite of products that allow us to compete on a level before unthought-of. I would suggest The Job Network to anyone looking to bring their recruitment advertising to the next level. It’s worked GREAT for us.

Jeff Purcell Webmaster
The Lewiston Tribune & The Moscow-Pullman Daily News &

“I was speaking to our internet Director and he said that after 12 years we finally have a home run with The Job Network.”

Dave Newman Classified Advertising Manager
The Standard-Examiner Odgon UT

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