The Job Network Continues to Grow

September 28, 2007

Article by: RealMatch (The Job Network)

In an effort to better serve our local employers with recruitment the Hagadone News Network has recently teamed up with The Job Network. “It just makes sense to package print job ads with online job ads ” said Mike Alexander New Media Manager of Hagadone News Network. “We are thoroughly impressed with the software infrastructure and the professionalism from the management team. I am grateful The Job Network offered a program for PAGE members and believe it is something all PAGE members should participate in.” Hagadone owns 17 newspapers in Idaho Montana Washington and Wisconsin.

“The Job Network isn’t like other online job sites where all you can do is search for jobs and employers can search for candidates to fill open positions ” said Kevin Hoppes Vice President of Sales & Marketing for The Job Network. “It can provide our print advertisers with valuable new services that can save them a great deal of time and effort in the interview and hiring process. It’s exactly these kind of services that provide us with something we can offer our advertisers that the Monsters of the world can’t offer. When Business Week calls us “scary competition” for Monster that tells you something.”

At the end of the day it’s about providing better services to your advertisers. If you quickly and easily deliver the top most qualified candidates to the employers who advertise with you through highly sophisticated matching and then allow them to document the entire interview/hiring process using your recruitment site (powered by The Job Network) so they are in compliance with labor law why would they want to advertise anywhere else? The Job Network can give you just the edge you need to win against the pure online competitors.

For more information on The Job Network to request a presentation or to find out why so many newspapers are finding it to be their best tool to protect and grow recruitment revenue please contact Kevin Hoppes Vice President of Sales & Marketing at or by phone at 570-497-5762.