The Discovery of Great Service

April 11, 2014

Article by: Southern Lithoplate

In "Acres of Diamonds " Russell Conwell paints a word portrait of futility in action. Conwell a popular orator in the late 19th and early 20th centuries believed any individual could achieve greatness. But he warned of a common misstep — assuming that all great people and great businesses are found somewhere else.

Conwell’s tiny yet immensely influential book which is actually a transcript of the celebrated traveling lecture its author presented on thousands of occasions around the world encourages readers to “dig in your own back yard” for fortune.

The thin volume begins with the account of a man bent on securing riches in far-flung places only to die before his time robbed of the knowledge that untold wealth lay much closer to home. More true stories follow not only about the folly of seeking acres of diamonds elsewhere when opportunity is staring you in the face but also examples of success and genius involving ordinary citizens.

Another theme central to Conwell’s philosophy is that great service is basic to prosperity.

Successful businesses grow on the basis of vital principles such as the excellence appropriateness and price of your products or services. Exceptional service is the key focus of businesses that thrive in any market.

Customers of those businesses become enriched in turn provided they are aware of the opportunities available to them.

Southern Lithoplate as a provider of products service and technical support understands that partnerships offer opportunities right here and now. The Southern Lithoplate Strategic Alliance is a way to achieve mutual goals faster at lower cost and with less risk.

No single vendor can deliver a total solution. The Southern Lithoplate Strategic Alliance offers customers choice and flexibility. The partner community is very broad enabling Alliance members to serve the diverse needs of customers. All of this translates into significant and sustainable value for everyone involved.

By Steve Mattingly Senior Vice President Southern Lithoplate Inc.