The Day s Renaissance Driven by Innovation and Faith of LEAP

January 12, 2015

New London CT January 12 2015– In 2011 The Day Publishing Company embarked on a progressive roadmap to redefine its brand around a consumer-centered business model. Its emerging strategy was based on four critical imperatives:

1. Unify the content management and digital publishing infrastructure
2. Derive a fair value from proprietary content and services
3. Create a customized user experience with single sign-on authentication
4. Build synergistic business model that regards customers as strategic assets

Supporting those imperatives were a number of key tactical initiatives including the implementation of a paid content model an innovative membership program and critically a partnership with LEAP Media Solutions to architect implement and deploy an industry-leading marketing database and campaign management platform designed specifically to support the growth engagement and monetization of consumer audiences.

Three years later the vision crafted by publisher Gary Farrugia and his team – enabled by the intelligent marketing expertise of LEAP – has manifested in results that speak for themselves:

• Total Audience Revenue Growth of 25%
• 34% improvement in member retention.
• 67% activation of digital member access among print subscribers.
• 440% growth of its email database as a result of its membership registration process.
• 177% increase in automatic renewal participation.

And to start the new year The Day has renewed its commitment to this proven path by extending its contractual relationship with LEAP for three more years.

“The pillars upon which our success rests are quality content using data to understand our customers and a consistent measurable marketing process ” says Farrugia. “LEAP delivers a level of sophistication in customer intelligence and marketing automation better and cheaper than we could build ourselves. These capabilities are crucial to effectively execute our strategic plan.”

LEAP manages and deploys a comprehensive database/campaign management solution for a coalition of more than 30 partners. That solution – MAAX™ – supports targeted multichannel campaigns for audience and new revenue development. In addition to the shared investment in marketing infrastructure The Day benefits from the coalition’s shared cost approach for email and direct mail marketing executions third-party data licenses and most importantly the human resource and expertise to deliver turnkey executions of proven industry best practices.

For more information please contact Tom Ratkovich at or 303.886.0202.