Tecnavia: Print Replica in Publishers Recovery Plans

June 1, 2020

Article by: Tecnavia Press Inc.

In these challenging times, with advertisers temporarily cancelling schedules and subscribers depending on their trusted local newspapers more than ever, Publishers are turning to their print replica solution.

Tecnavia has been in the middle of the Covid-19 outbreak for some time with customers worldwide and have aided many publishers in making quick changes to schedules and delivery. In Italy, where there have been the highest number of cases, Tecnavia has worked with Italian Publishers that have suspended their print distribution and are relying on the print replica for delivery to their valued subscribers. The increased demand has resulted in a 30 – 40 % uptick in traffic.

In North America, Tecnavia is helping multiple Publishers within several groups utilize the same strategy, eliminating print distribution on some days but keeping the curated print version for online access. The cost savings of printing and distribution combined with keeping subscribers attached is vital for their operations.

In addition to the cost savings, the print replica has the added benefit of driving traffic, generating more pageviews/screen views, ad impressions and therefore online revenues. The increased traffic is helping to offset the lower ad cpm’s we are seeing. The Tecnavia Advertising Network (TAN) has provided critically needed revenues for their Publishers with the increased impressions for those editions replacing the print delivery.

If you are not taking advantage of the cost savings and increasing revenues with your print replica contact us to get more information. Diane Amato, VP Sales damato@tecnavia.com