Sustainability: More than words on paper

January 4, 2017

Article by: Catalyst Paper

Sustainability: More than words on paper.

Chances are if you heard the phrase ‘carbon neutral’ a few years ago you attributed it to an environmentalist friend or a rock band. Today even if you’re not paying close attention to carbon issues you can be confident your CFO is.

The value of going green’ is taking on new meaning as a result of policy changes incentives for use of alternative fuels regulatory costs the drive to reduce expenses and the emergence of carbon taxes and carbon emissions accounting.

It’s also creating competitive posturing and potential for confusion. New terms fresh reports and a crop of eco-labels sprout almost daily a point well made in the Dead Tree blog which follows paper industry issues. You must be adept at navigating complex and sometimes contradictory information motivated by particular agendas competition and science. Sometimes you may wonder how prepared you are for the demands – and opportunities – of a carbon-constrained economy.
During turbulent times it’s more critical than ever to work with partners and suppliers with a track record you trust.

Catalyst was reducing its environmental footprint long before the term went mainstream. For almost two decades we’ve made green make business sense – by reducing waste using fewer and renewable resources and imbedding efficiency into our operations and our culture.

We hope you can benefit from our experience in reducing emissions by reducing waste and discover how Catalyst can help make the environment make business sense for you.