Stretch your IT budget with pre-owned solutions from PursuIT

November 6, 2008

Article by: Pursuit Inc.

In these challenging economic times don t overpay for anything including much needed hardware for your infomation technology infrastructure.

PursuIT offers pre-owned desktop and server systems data storage and networking at significantly lower prices than brand new. If your newspaper has IT projects and stretching the budget is paramount definitely call PursuIT to see how we can save you significant sums of money.

If you re looking to upgrade existing systems and networking buying pre-owned hardware is an excellent way to keep costs down. If you need memory additional disk drive space or processor upgrades call PursuIT as we can supply anything from laptop DVD drives to system boards for enterprise servers.

And remember: you can trade in your decommissioned hardware for upgrades or PursuIT can pay you cash.

Find out how PursuIT can make these economic conditions a bit more bearable for your IT departments by contacting Marshall Ness or Cory Duncan: