Street Name Change of Resolute Forest Products ( Resolute ) Head Office

March 30, 2018

In accordance with the notice provisions in our agreements with our suppliers and customers we are sending this letter to let you know that as of February 23 2018 the street name of Resolute’s head office in Montreal Quebec changed from Duke Street to Robert-Bourassa Boulevard. We have not moved offices and the civic number of our offices remains the same as does the suite number and postal code.
The new address is as follows:
111 Robert-Bourassa Blvd. Suite 5000
Montreal Quebec H3C 2M1 Canada

Notices in connection with agreements:
We would kindly ask that going forward any notices sent pursuant to agreements that referenced the Duke Street address in the Notice provision be sent to the above address and in accordance with the remainder of such Notice provisions.

Payments to and from Resolute:
All invoices to or from Resolute should continue to be sent electronically unless otherwise agreed.
As regards payments made by cheque only and sent to the Duke Street address please update our payment details so that such cheques will now be sent to the new address.

Additional information:
The address change applies to agreements entered into with all entities in the Resolute group of companies (a representative list of the principal operating entities is attached as Schedule A hereto) where the address provided in the Notices Section of such agreements referenced the Duke Street offices.