Stop advertisers from slashing budgets and drive revenue with a new on-site advertiser seminar

November 2, 2008

Article by: McInnis & Associates

McInnis & Associates is offering a new on-site seminar for newspapers current and prospective advertisers specifically designed to stop them from reducing their budget during this economic downturn.

It s one part of Bob McInnis Response Oriented Selling course in use at over 400 newspapers across the U.S. which specializes in teaching ad reps managers and their designers how to get an instant dramatic response for their business community. More importantly the seminar is especially effective at convincing current and prospective advertisers who swear they have no money and complain the newspaper s too expensive to actually run the recommended size frequency and content.

The advertiser seminar typically generates significant instant trackable revenue (and great PR) for the sponsoring newspaper and the course often generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks. More information can be found on McInnis vendor page and on his Web site ( where there s streaming video audio interviews with past clients and a brochure which also can be downloaded below. Contact Bob McInnis at (631) 477-2505.