Steel City Corp. utilizing social media to share circulation promotion ideas and more!

August 26, 2015

Article by: Steel City Corp.

Steel City Corp. recognized as a PAGE Platinum Preferred Supplier has been using social media outlets to share circulation sales/promotional ideas industry updates and other interesting tidbits.

PAGE members can follow Steel City Corp. on twitter: @steelcitycirc in order to receive “tweets” whenever a new idea has been posted on the "Been There Saw This" page of their website: and to receive other interesting bits of information.

Additionally you can find the Ashland OH based supplier on Facebook: Steel City Corp. The company has been sharing ideas and posting industry updates almost daily since creating the Facebook page in early August.

“The use of social media is not only a way to keep our brand out front but it is one of our many attempts to try and support our customers with an idea-sharing platform or resource ” commented Jim Smith National Sales Manager. “The feedback has been very positive.”