Southern Living Magazine Installs Enterprise

March 24, 2010

Article by: WoodWing – The Americas

Time Inc.’s Southern Living Installs Enterprise publishing system to ‘Streamline Their Processes’

DETROIT Michigan (March 15 2010) – The number of Time Inc. publications using WoodWing Software continues to expand as Southern Living magazine – one of the 20 largest magazines in the country – recently installed WoodWing’s Enterprise publishing system.

In 2007 Time Inc. – the largest magazine publisher in North America – began installing WoodWing’s publishing solutions. Among the magazines that use WoodWing are Time Money People FORTUNE and Sports Illustrated.

And now Southern Living has joined those titles using WoodWing. With a circulation of about 2.8 million it’s the largest regional magazine in the country spotlighting life in the southern United States. Based in Birmingham Alabama the publication includes recipes home plans and features about Southern culture and travel.

“Our relationship with Time Inc. is an excellent one and we’re pleased that the staff at Southern Living is taking advantage of everything that Enterprise has to offer ” said Shawn Duffy Managing Director of WoodWing USA.

In recent weeks WoodWing’s reach in the North American magazine market has grown substantially. In addition to Southern Living WoodWing has also added American Legion magazine with a circulation of about 2.5 million. Both publications rank among the 30 largest magazines in the U.S.

“That’s no coincidence ” Duffy said. “As the publishing industry continues to change magazine publishers know they need to adapt quickly to meet their readers’ expectations. They need to be able to reach their audience through every available medium – print online mobile – and they need a publishing system that is capable of doing this and one that can save them time and money in the process. What they’re discovering is that Enterprise is the right tool to make this happen.”

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