Southern Lithoplate Extends Replica Family with Low-Chemistry Violet CtP Plate

October 22, 2013

Article by: Southern Lithoplate

Southern Lithoplate Inc. has long championed the balancing of economy and ecology. As testament to its commitment to sustainable printing Southern Lithoplate has introduced an economical environmentally friendly printing plate for newspapers’ violet CtP workflow.

The Replica ECO LCV low-chemistry lithoplate combines high quality and value with a smaller environmental footprint. Southern Lithoplate’s newest violet plate system gives newspapers and coldset web printers remarkably consistent plate output under a wide variety of press conditions while minimizing costs.

The Replica ECO LCV requires less chemistry than conventionally processed violet CtP plates. It consumes less water maintenance time and processor energy without compromising print quality or throughput.

For unmatched productivity Replica ECO LCV plates support run lengths of up to 250 000 out of the box. If higher run lengths are necessary the plates can be postbaked to achieve up to 1 million impressions.

Southern Lithoplate’s proprietary multistage grain structure delivers the optimum ink-and-water balance on press ensuring quick make-readies and restarts. The scratch-resistant photosensitive coating protects the plate and preserves the user’s bottom line.

Exceptional printability is a hallmark of the Replica ECO LCV which is rated at 2-98% resolution at 1 800 dpi/150 lpi. The etched plate surface holds a crisp image area.

The simple clean-out and stabilizer system translates into less waste disposal. The non-oxidizing and non-hazardous chemistry is formulated for long bath life and low-alkaline pH. To boost energy savings the plate processing unit can be completely turned off when not in operation.