Southern Lithoplate: Determined to Help PAGE Members

June 15, 2020

Article by: Southern Lithoplate

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Southern Litho has always been proud of our PAGE partnership.  Over these 30 years, together we have seen our industry innovate thru multiple technologies, competitors, economic storms, and now a global pandemic.  While the advertising and print circulation facts before us are daunting, SLP passionately believes in the long-term viability of print advertising.  Market declines will certainly result in a smaller market.   However, as an American owned and privately operated company, Team SLP is determined to ensure PAGE Members enjoy access to affordable prepress hardware, prepress maintenance, workflow and consumables for your print needs. As an innovator, SLP recently repurposed our chemical plants in NC and MI to provide you affordable liquid-based Hand Sanitizer.   We will emerge, together, along with our Strategic Alliance Partners (CRON Americas, & Presteligence).   As our country returns to work, call 800-638-7990, to check out the Hand Sanitizer, we have your back.