Smart Connection Enterprise 5.0 More Tools More Innovation

January 22, 2008

DETROIT MICHIGAN — WoodWing Software has introduced the latest generation of its industry-leading Smart Connection Enterprise editorial solution. It offers publishers of all size a solution that streamlines workflow and improves efficiency and that will pave the way for the future of publishing with the introduction of the ‘blended media’ approach.

“One of the reasons that Smart Connection Enterprise has become the editorial system of choice around the world is that we never stop adding innovations ” said Erik Schut President of WoodWing Software. “With version 5.0 we’ve added a host of new features that are going to benefit users and publications across the publishing spectrum. We’ve put special emphasis on providing tools for convergence allowing publishers to use all available forms of media — print Web audio and video — to tell their story. It’s a concept that we call ‘blended media’.”

Among the new features are:

* Adobe CS3 Support. Enterprise now offers full support for Adobe InDesign CS3 and InCopy CS3 Photoshop CS3 and Illustrator CS3 all tightly integrated.
* Multi-media packaging. A new feature called ’Dossiers’ allows the user to package together all items — articles images video and audio — related to a single story while maintaining an individual workflow for each of these items.
* Editing enhancements. Enterprise’s popular Web Editor is now even more streamlined with an automatic save-and-recovery feature and a larger work area among the many enhancements. InCopy has been Web-enabled with the ability to create and manage hyperlinks.
* Smart Links. A new Smart Links feature eliminates the problems caused by working with high-res images in InDesign over a slow network connection or the web. Large images files will only be transmitted when absolutely necessary. By default only the InDesign preview will be used when working on a page.
* Pagination per edition. It’s now a snap for users to vary the page numbering on a per-edition basis. Simply changing the viewed edition in InDesign will update the page numbering.
* Other enhancements. Enterprise 5.0 also features improved licensing better management of editions access rights on meta data additional queries options and many other improvements.

“Our main goal with all of these enhancements is to help our customers look to the future ” Schut said. “The publishing industry changes on a daily basis and we want to help publishers stay ahead of the curve. Smart Connection Enterprise was already the most powerful and versatile editorial solution on the market. With this new release we stay in the lead.”