SLP: Affordable Hand Sanitizer Available

May 6, 2020

Article by: Southern Lithoplate

Affordable 80% Alcohol Topical Liquid Sanitizing Solution

5-Gallon Pails as low as $25.60 per gallon.

Significantly lower than market

SLP Sanitizer Form

SLP has repurposed our chemical  manufacturing facilities to support your need for an Industrial Strength Solution to clean doors, floors, bathrooms, cafeterias…. and it’s safe on your hands too.  Designed to eliminate Covid -19 germs on hands and surfaces in less than 30 seconds.

At present, alcohol-based hand rubs are the only known means for rapidly and effectively inactivating a wide array of potentially harmful microorganisms on hands when soap and water are unavailable.

Southern Lithoplate, your trusted prepress partner with facilities in NC and MI is producing WHO-formulation approved HAND SANITIZER under FDA policy compliance, for purchase by area businesses, and organizations.

USA-Made for USA protection

Call 1-800-638-7990 to order your supply or use the attached convenient order form.

Be well and be safe

Your friends at SLP