Screen (USA) Helps Newspaper Printers Improve Quality and Speed

October 30, 2007

Article by: Screen USA

A large and rapidly growing number of PAGE Co-op members are choosing the PlateRite News 2000LE thermal platesetter from Screen the printing industry’s top manufacturer of thermal computer-to-plate (CTP) equipment.

Based on the highly acclaimed technology in all PlateRite models the PlateRite News 2000LE delivers excellent space-saving and cost-performance characteristics with prompt and timely plate supply for those newspaper production processes where every second counts.

The PlateRite News 2000LE offers all the advantages of thermal CTP while responding flexibly to the special workflow needs of the newspaper industry. It handles plates from 11.4 x 18.1 inches to 38.5 x 26.9 inches and outputs 26 to 30 doublewide plates per hour.

In addition to providing high-quality halftone reproduction the PlateRite News 2000LE can be upgraded at the user facility to meet expanding production requirements. Using the same base engine newspaper printers can increase output capacity from an entry-level manual machine to a high-productivity fully automated PlateRite News 2000S (41 doublewide plates per hour) by simply replacing certain key parts in the field.

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