Screen Prepress Technology Increasingly Popular with PAGE Members

December 5, 2007

Article by: Screen USA

In looking back on the 40th anniversary year of Screen (USA) a couple of particularly noteworthy events stand out among a host of accomplishments that occurred in 2007.

Throughout the United States and Canada dozens of newspaper organizations and commercial web operations that specialize in newsprint products completed installations of integrated prepress workflow systems built around Screen PlateRite News 2000 series computer-to-plate (CTP) devices.

Secondly PAGE Co-op members were well represented in this surge of conversions to thermal CTP. These companies embody a cross-section of the U.S. newspaper industry.

Since its founding in 1967 as a subsidiary of parent company Dainippon Screen Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Screen (USA) has provided exceptional products to the North American graphic communications industry. Sales and support staff frequently hear the terms “quality speed and efficiency” used to describe Screen hardware and software solutions.

The PlateRite News 2000S incorporates a 64-channel laser diode exposure head. It handles plates from 11.5 x 18.1 inches to 38.5 x 26.9 inches. Enabling single or dual plate loading the platesetter outputs 41 35 x 23.2-inch plates per hour or 84 12.5 x 18.5-inch plates per hour.

Many smaller newspaper printers find the PlateRite News 2000LE to be the ideal unit for the size of their operations. The PlateRite News 2000LE features 32 channels of imaging lasers that are capable of producing 26 plates per hour when using 35 x 23.2-inch plates. The platesetter can be upgraded to the higher output capacity of the PlateRite News 2000S right at the user’s facility.

Furthermore Trueflow Rite News Screen’s PDF-based workflow management system for newspaper prepress increases workflow speed and efficiency by digitally organizing individual tasks in prepress and plate production.