SAXOTECH Managed Hosted Mediaware Center Webinar

June 30, 2009

Article by: SAXOTECH Inc.


The SAXOTECH Managed Hosted Mediaware Center solution provides a full-fledged channelagnostic content management system from a hosted environment. SAXOTECH does all the behind-the-scenes maintenance and server support dramatically cutting costs. Connect to it from anywhere – from the office a remote office an event or even your home. When you have internet access you will have fast reliable fully functional software to help you do your job 24/7.

Basic Solution
From a standard workflow to a completely customized setup the choice is yours. We have the structure and processes to deliver. For those publishers interested in a true turnkey solution SAXOTECH offers a solution built on best practices setup templates styles and formats are ready to go after minor tweaking to fit your publication’s look and feel. You may also choose to customize your solution a la carte.

Fully Scalable
The hosted solution can meet your needs because we use the same basic technology that we use in our current highly scalable solutions. Users will be connecting to state-of-the-art equipment based on virtualization and configured to match your requirements.

Advanced Hosted Service
SAXOTECH’s hosted environment is highly secure and will provide complete redundancy. Additional capacity is always available and automated resource balancing provides continuous monitoring to ensure that all applications are always running at peakPerformance.

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