Roxen Roamer now in App Store brings news online in seconds

October 19, 2016

Roxen a Swedish software developer of tools that help news publishers and other media tackle the new operational challenges they are facing through innovative and intuitive technology is now launching their latest innovation Roxen Roamer. An app that enables journalists to capture and publish news in a matter of seconds.

All users of Roxen Editorial Portal can install the companion app on their smartphone or tablet to publish stories with text pictures and video anytime and anywhere. As the story evolves it can be updated in Roxen Roamer and eventually also be published on paper.

Using the camera and microphone on the mobile device journalists can capture sound and video for a story and publish it directly from Roxen Roamer. Adding an external microphone to the device enables the reporter to produce high-quality video interviews for instant publication.
With Roxen Roamer’s Share Extension it is also easy to attach media files to your story from within other apps such as iMovie and upload them to Roxen Editorial Portal.

»Roxen Roamer fills a gap in the market as it connects the reporter in the field to Roxen Editorial Portal allowing instant access to the editorial system from anywhere in the world. The ability to quickly create and publish stories on the go with accompanying photos and video makes it the perfect application for the mobile reporter. Local sports coverage is just one of many examples where Roxen Roamer also enables new revenue streams» says Per Östlund CEO of Roxen.

Through close integration with Roxen Editorial Portal stories can be assigned to journalists in the field and back to editors for editing or publishing online or in print. A widget in the device’s Today View gives quick access to stories that are assigned to a certain user.
Roxen Roamer is now available as a free download for iOS (iPhone and iPad) in App Store and an Android version will be available early 2017. Users will need an account in Roxen Editorial Portal in order to use the functionality.

»Roxen Roamer has been beta-tested by customers in Europe and in the U.S. for some time. We see the app enabling a new type of fast-paced storytelling and a more direct link between journalists and readers. With Roxen Roamer powerful editorial tools are now in the pocket of every journalist helping our customers to accomplish even more with the same resources» Per Östlund concludes.