Roxen finalist for the 2012 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Awards

April 5, 2012

Article by: Roxen Internet Software

It was announced yesterday that Roxen has been selected as a Finalist for Red Herring’s Top 100 Europe award a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the European business region.

The nominees are evaluated on both quantitative and qualitative criteria such as financial performance technology innovation quality of management execution of strategy and integration into their respective industries. The assessment of potential is complemented by a review of the actual track record and standing of a company which makes the list a valuable instrument for discovering and advocating the greatest business opportunities in the industry.

– Being nominated to the prestigious Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award is yet another acknowledgement of the disruptive innovative technology and business model provided by Roxen. Our suite of modern lean and entirely web based editorial publishing solutions allow small and medium sized media companies and especially new entrants in the fundamentally transforming media industry gain access to powerful tools for seamlessly and efficiently managing news and other contents in multiple channels – from traditional print and web to tablets and smartphones says Per Östlund CEO of Roxen.

Engineers at what is today Roxen developed Sweden’s first webpage in 1993 and one of the world’s first web servers in the year after. Roxen today provides modern entirely web based and platform independent editorial publishing solutions for efficient management of news and other contents in multiple channels. With Roxen Editorial Portal today’s media companies improve and automate their editorial workflows. The management of incoming feeds and publishing to many channels e.g. print web tablets/smartphones etc. is entirely automated in order to allow journalists and editors to focus on the editorial content and their business. Roxen Editorial Portal is based on Roxen CMS an editor-centric content management platform for business-critical information or where requirements are particularly high e.g. complex multinational sites with extreme demands as regards performance and ruggedness.

– Roxen is a startup with a proud history. We have been ahead of our time and in the past year’s we have managed to reinvent ourselves. Based on our experience technology market insight and products we have create solutions that help our customers achieve success today as well as tomorrow. A journey that has now been acknowledged by the Red Herring editorial team as well. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from Roxen’s outstanding teams of staff in Linköping Stockholm Amsterdam and Chicago as well as for the encouragement and challenges provided by our customers and partners every day says Per Östlund.

Roxen and the other finalists for the 2012 edition of the Red Herring 100 Europe award will be presented at the Red Herring Europe Forum in Amsterdam April 23-25. The winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony on April 25.

For more information contact:

Per Östlund CEO Roxen
phone: +46 732 303013

About Roxen
Roxen develops web-based editorial and content management tools for multi-channel publishing i.e. publishing online in print to tablets smartphones and other devices. Customers include Metro International RTL Nederlands Shaw Newspapers as well as Princeton University Randstad and Verizon. Roxen was established in 1994. The head office and development center is located in Linköping Sweden. Roxen offices are also located in Stockholm Amsterdam and Chicago. For more information visit