Roxen CMS 5.1 is shipping

June 8, 2011

Article by: Roxen Internet Software

Roxen has released Roxen CMS 5.1 an update to our Web Content Management solution. This represents an evolutionary step for the CMS platform with over 300 bug fixes and feature additions. The changes fall in several categories such as compatibility performance optimizations usability improvements and developer tools.

Some highlights:

A new feature to enable Access Control permissions on individual languages in multilingual sites.
Built-in HTTP compression for static and dynamic requests. This results in better performance and lower bandwidth consumption.
A full-text search tool that works with template code CSS stylesheets and similar text-based data in the site repository.
Profiling tools for both XSLT and RXML accessible from within the Content Editor environment. We already know of CMS customers that have used these tools to improve their site performance significantly.
Improved compatibility with latest release of popular web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.