Revenue Opportunity: Obama Inaugurated Front Page Plaques Will Be Hot Selling Items

January 16, 2009

Enjoy extra revenue in January 2009 by selling your front page "Obama Inaugurated" laminated historical plaques. Easy revenue generators like this don t come along often. This is one of them.

American Plaque will produce and ship these front page Obama momentos directly to your readers who purchase them. In addition to attractive plaque pricing the sales will help increase your PAGE Cooperative patronage dividend as well.

Let your readers know that they can own their own piece of history by purchasing a front page "Obama Inauguration" newspaper plaque through your newspaper. All you have to do is place ads in your paper when you have free space and place banner ads on your web site letting readers know they can purchase the official "Front Page Obama Inauguration Issue" plaque.

Newspapers partnering with American Plaque have seen a significant rise in revenues. Articles business reviews photos announcements and anything else that adds to a reader s "15 minutes of fame" can be plaqued.

Plaquing is a scientific process that seals preserves and displays cherished articles and photographs on a beautifully prepared hardwood backing.

Currently readers are paying good money to plaque your articles at local trophy shops. That revenue could just as well go into your pockets. American Plaque allows you to keep that revenue.

Contact American Plaque at: 310-871-8928 or 310-474-1880 ask for Alan in marketing.