Aramark: Reusable Face Mask

April 30, 2020

Article by: Aramark

We are excited to share this news with you!  With COVID-19 dominating the airwaves we are looking to the future in what is anticipated to be a forever changed landscape in various industries and job functions with regard to the PPE either required or preferred to keep everyone safe & healthy.  With that in mind, we have been working hard to develop a cross functional long-term and sustainable solution designed to meet the needs of both the end user and the strategic clients we serve.

Our country will reopen and emerge stronger than ever before…I urge you to get ahead of that curve and run both a cost analysis and people analysis on this solution!  We are currently taking preorders from our most important Strategic Accounts before opening it up to everyone.  Here are some highlights:


  • Home laundry to at least 75 washings…compare that to the cost of disposables!


  • Inner layer is 100% jersey cotton…think of your favorite, most comfortable t-shirt!
  • Outer layer is 100% poly…flexible to get the perfect fit!
  • 4 colors to choose from!
  • Disposables can’t come close to gaining the employee acceptance that these will gain!


  • 100% cotton inner layer…CDC issued guidance states that cotton serves as the best barrier material!
  • Non-Woven inner lining…provides additional barrier of protection!
  • 100% poly outer layer… nothing is more durable!
  • Safer, Cleaner & Healthier



Ask me about how we can help you keep your business SAFER, CLEANER, HEALTHIER…..