Resolute Fires

December 21, 2018

Article by: Resolute Forest Products

Dec. 20 2018

The Grenada mill at 2:30 AM this morning had a fire on the winder.  Significant repairs need to be made which could take up to 3 days….luckily no one was hurt.   We are working with the customer service and the mill to see which are the most critical loads that really need to ship next week.  We are also moving the most critical newsprint orders to the Augusta and Gatineau mills.  We are also moving some other orders to other RFP mills (a benefit of having a network of mills in RFP s system) to make more at Grenada when they come back on line to help with critical loads.  

Also be advised at the Calhoun mill (the mill making the Connect grades)….there was a natural gas main explosion has interrupted gas supply to the mill and a fire at the mill we are running late on shipments of Connect offset  At this time we intend to maintain the planned mode of transportation. That means if the order is a rail shipment we still plan to ship rail.  PAGE members only order a small quantity of Connect and the CSR s will be contacting customers later today to advise of new later dates.  We are making 35# Alternative Offset at Alma every week and new runs of heavier basis weights can be added within reason.  The next run of Equal Offset is scheduled in the very first days of January.

Thanks for your understanding and let me know how I can help.  


Wm. J. Fey