Quipp sells twelve Stackers

October 21, 2008

Article by: Quipp Systems

Quipp is also proud to announce the sale of six Quipp Model 501 Wide Stackers to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution a Cox Newspaper.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was one of the first Quipp customers having purchased several different stacker models since 1984. In 2002 they purchased Quipp Model 400 Stackers and most recently in 2006 and 2007 they purchased Quipp Model 500 Stackers.

These six new stackers will be installed later this year in their Gwinnett County plant.

Detroit Media Partnership a Gannett newspaper has recently purchased three Quipp Model 500 Stackers. Detroit Media Partnership has been a Quipp satisfied customer for several years and in the past 6 years has purchased eighteen Quipp Model 500 Stackers (four are Model 500C which include the Bundle Compression Capability and Stream Squeeze Roller). The three new stackers will be installed in their facility in Sterling Heights MI.

Gatehouse Media New England has recently purchased a new Quipp Model 501 Stacker. This is the 5th stacker they ve purchased from Quipp in the last 4 years along with two Quipp Viper Wrappers. Their Quipp Model 501 Stacker will soon be installed at The Herald News in Fall River MA.

The Victoria Advocate purchased a Quipp Model 500 Stacker to be installed in Victoria TX.

The Ottawa Sun has purchased a Quipp Model 500 Stacker to be installed in their facility in Ottawa ON Canada. The Ottawa Sun is part of the Sun Media Group which has recently installed three Quipp Model 500 Stackers in their facility in London ON Canada.

“Our new Quipp 500 Stackers are running great. The installation went very well and Jurgen Kirschner (Quipp’s Service Technician) did an excellent job with the installation and training.”

John Pacitto Director of Operations
The London Free Press (Sun Media)

For additional information about the QUIPP STACKERS please visit www.quipp.com.