Quipp sells three Quipp Packman II

September 22, 2008

Article by: Quipp Systems

Quipp is proud to announce the sale of two Quipp Packman II Packaging System to The Monitor. The two Quipp Packman II will soon be installed in McAllen TX .

Quipp is also proud to announce the sale of a Quipp Packman II Packaging System to The Shreveport Times a Gannett newspaper. The Quipp Packman II will be installed in Shreveport LA in the next few months.

“The Shreveport Times chose the Quipp Packman II to reduce costs. This will be achieved by having less people between the stacker and strapper and being able to run the inserter faster especially on Sunday advance run.  On large packages the maximum capacity of the stacker set the speed the inserter could run the Packman should allow us to run faster.”

Andy Swanton
The Shreveport Times


Other Satisfied Quipp Packman customers:

"The ability of the Quipp Packman stacker to handle large packages has enabled us to realize the full potential of our inserting equipment by allowing us to run faster and greatly reducing downtime related to the bundling of comic packages containing up to 30 inserts. Along with the increased up time we are able to produce a better quality bundle reducing damaged papers enabling us to supply our carriers with a better package for delivery to our subscribers."
Dave Preisser VP of Production Cincinnati Enquirer

"We eliminated 2 people with our Quipp Packmans. We increased our net output by 6 000 copies per hour which means increasing our productivity 30%. Our Quipp Packmans are running fantastic and because of them our inserter is now netting 27 000 and in some commercial work we are netting 31 000; the Quipp Packmans can handle this easily."
Ingo Fockler Operations Manager
The Villages Daily Sun

"Here at Tribune Direct we had 3 people per line and with the Quipp Packmans we were able to reduce to one person per line. We eliminated 2 people per shift and we run 2 shifts a day so the savings have been substantial. We are very satisfied with our Quipp Packmans the machines are working fine."

Craig Sipich Director Technology Tribune Direct

"It is great that the bundles gets strapped before they leave the machine; this creates a better and cleaner bundle. Our two Quipp Packmans are running very well. The machines are easy to set up and operate. Our operators like them a lot."

Mike Rosetti
Press & Sun/Central NY Newspapers Binghamton NY

To see how the Quipp Packman is helping other Quipp customers please visit www.quipp.com.


C.A Ultimas Noticias/Cadena Capriles has ordered additional Quipp Matte-top Conveyors to be installed in their plant in Caracas Venezuela.

Quipp is also proud to announce the sale of a Quipp Model 501 Stacker to The Herald Times in Bloomington IN. This is the second Quipp Stacker that The Herald Times purchases this year.

“We are very pleased with our Quipp Model 501 Stacker that we purchased earlier in the year. Our Quipp Stacker is running wonderful.”
Fred Dugan Mailroom Manager
The Herald Times Bloomington IN

QUIPP Model 500 Stacker
1. Easy to operate & Easy adjustments
2. Reliability – Dependability
3. Count Accuracy
4. Low Maintenance
5. Quality of the Bundles
6. Can handle large products – Ability to handle a wide range of products
7. Light Curtain Safety