Quipp sells ten Viper Wrappers to Transcontinental

June 20, 2008

Article by: Quipp Systems

Quipp is also proud to announce the sale of ten Quipp Viper ¾ Wrappers with High Resolution Ink Jet Systems to be installed at the Transcontinental plant in San Francisco. This project was sold thru Ferag Americas.

Earlier this year Quipp received an order for Six QUIPP PACKMAN II Packaging Systems which will be installed in this same Transcontinental facility later in the year.

Quipp has sold over 2 300 Wrappers since 1983!

Options available:
3/4 Wrapper Feature
Infeed Extensions (10” or 20”)
Side walls (30” 40” or 50”)
High Resolution Ink Jet System

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