Quipp Offers LBX-NEWS Strapper

February 16, 2009

Article by: Quipp Systems

Newspaper Bundle Strapping Machine

Unmatched Simplicity: Easy to Operate & Maintain
Superior Reliability
Jam-resistant technology
Tight Square Bundles
Features the proven & successful LBX technology
Straps up to 45 bundles per minute!
Made in the U.S.A.

The Quipp LBX-NEWS has no belts clutches pulleys or chains in the strapping head making it one of the simplest most reliable strapping machines ever built.

Fast: 45 bundles per minute
Jam resistant Strapping Machine
Auto Re-feed
Automatic Cut-Off and Re-feed (patented technology)
Automatic Loading
Easy Access to the entire Strap Path
Automatic Low Strap Tension
Compact Design
Locking Casters
Runs 5mm Strap
No Adjustments on Strap Path and Strapping Head
Height Adjustment
UL Ulc CE CSA Electrical Standard
Rugged Heavy-Duty Construction
Fewest moving parts

Quipp LBX-NEWS advantages:

The QUIPP LBX-NEWS exhibits standard features including durability reliability speed quick coil change/easy strap loading and incredible easy access.

Automatic Cut-Off and Re-feed: Automatically ejects misfed strap and re-feeds itself allowing the machine to continue strapping without operator involvement. More uptime for operators.

The Quipp LBX-NEWS delivers the fastest cycle time in the industry and straps up to 45 bundles per minute to accommodate production flow from the highest-speed stackers.

The bundle stops soft belt compression side conditioning and packaging sensing provide superior package handling for any type of inserted bundle ROP or mailed product. Back-to-back bundles are no problem for the Quipp LBX-NEWS.

The Quipp LBX-NEWS can apply strap tension as low as 2 lbs. (10 N) eliminating curved shaped small bundles .

For additional information please contact QUIPP at (305) 623-8700 ext. 350 or e-mail us at news@quipp.com