Quipp Launches New Service and Maintenance Agreements That Will Help You Save Money

February 16, 2009

Article by: Quipp Systems

With the present economic situation and current industry trends Quipp has created new SERVICE & MAINTENANCE AGREEMENTS which will help keep your production and maintenance departments running smoothly even if you are short-handed.

Benefits Of Having A Quipp Service & Maintenance

Save Money = An agreement allows you to budget a fixed cost for maintaining and maximizing the efficiency of your Quipp equipment. Labor and travel expense is included in the agreement. Quipp service support is purchased at today’s rate and fixed for the agreement period giving you better control over these costs.

Reduce emergency service costs (which would have been at overtime rates.)

Additional mechanical electrical or operator training may be provided on visits.

Reduce/avoid downtime and much more …

For a list of additional benefits and pricing of our NEW SERVICE & MAINTENANCE AGREEMENTS please call our PARTS & SERVICE departments.

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