Quipp is proud to announce the sale of several Quipp Model 500 Stackers.

July 28, 2008

Article by: Quipp Systems

The Naples Daily News purchased seven Quipp Stackers (five are Quipp Model 501 Wide and two are Quipp Model 501C Stackers with Bundle Compression Capability).

These seven stackers are in addition to the three Quipp Model 501 Stackers that The Naples Daily News purchased in 2006.

The stackers will be installed in Naples Florida later this year.

The Quipp Model 500C Stackers with Bundle Compression Capabilities & Stream Squeeze Roller are ideal to handle thin products.

A lift plate on its turntable compresses the stacks removing most of the air trapped between pages and copies producing improved bundle integrity.

Transcontinental Interweb Montreal has purchased a Quipp Twin-Trak Conveyor System delivering into a new Quipp Model 500C Stacker with Bundle Compression Capability and Stream Squeeze Roller.

The system will be installed in Boucherville QC in Canada end of third quarter.

The adjustable Quipp Twin-Trak Conveyor can handle products from 11” to 17” wide.

Transcontinental Interweb Montreal will run products from 12" to 16" wide.

Other Recent Quipp Orders:

The Tallahassee Democrat purchased a Quipp Model 500 Stacker.

The Times Record News in Wichita Falls TX purchased a Quipp Model 500 Stacker.

Newsday in Melville NY purchased a 90 degree Stream Flex Curve – Slat Turn.

WRH Ferag Americas purchased 2 Quipp Viper Wrappers for Mirabel Printing in St. Javier QC in Canada. These Quipp Viper Wrappers include Powered Side Walls.

The Quipp Powered Side Walls provide additional bundle control increasing bundle stability and quality during automatic wrap application.

Unique design of the powered side walls permits quick access to machine elements.

Both walls pivot a full 90 degree while the conveying surface is easily opened for total access.

In areas of limited space each side wall can be removed independent of the other without hand tools in a matter of seconds.

To request a copy of our brochures spec sheets user’s lists and CD’s demonstrating additional capabilities of our equipment please call us at (305) 623-8700 ext 350 or e-mail us at news@quipp.com