QuarkXPress 8 Benchmark Study Shows that Productivity is the Key

July 2, 2008

Article by: Quark

In an In-Depth Analysis of QuarkXPress 8 the Pfeiffer Report Finds that QuarkXPress 8 is More than Three Times Faster than Previous Releases

Denver CO – July 3 2008 – Quark Inc. released today the results of a benchmark analysis report that finds that the redefined workflow of QuarkXPress 8 increases users’ productivity efficiency and return on investment. Conducted by Pfeiffer Consulting an independent technology group the benchmarking report compares user interface efficiency and workflow productivity of QuarkXPress 8 with earlier releases of the software including QuarkXPress 6.5 and QuarkXPress 7.31. The Pfeiffer Report ultimately concludes that QuarkXPress 8 is more than three times faster than previous releases.

Announced in May 2008 QuarkXPress 8 delivers superior design power through a new intuitive interface developed purposefully for the creation of high-end page layout. With QuarkXPress 8 users can work faster and smarter with tools that are easily accessed and require fewer clicks.

Andreas Pfeiffer of the Pfeiffer Report said “The redesign of the QuarkXPress user interface takes existing tools and expands their functionality in an intuitive way to make the user instantly more efficient at common tasks. A spectacular example of this approach is the new picture tool: just through intelligent user interface design it allows the user to crop rotate scale and reposition an image that has been imported without ever needing to change tools or go to the menu bar.”

Major Findings
Pfeiffer Consulting conducted 25 productivity benchmarks for the study focusing on various functions and user interface improvements introduced by QuarkXPress 8. The benchmarks included measures of improved tool efficiency picture import and manipulation file handling workflow manipulation and many others. Major overall findings include:

— Productivity benchmarks conducted for this report show significant productivity and efficiency increases of many common page-layout operations as well as improved file import and object manipulation capabilities.
— A newly introduced content tool allows significantly streamlined manipulation of boxes as well as their content eliminating the need for time consuming tool changes or menu commands.
— Direct import of native Adobe Illustrator files in QuarkXPress provides greater productivity when working with vector graphics.
— Seamless integration and creative control of interactive content in the page-layout environment are key benefits of QuarkXPress 8.
— The cumulative impact of individual productivity gains may provide a return on investment (ROI) of several thousand dollars per workstation over previous releases of QuarkXPress.

To find out more about the report and download the free eight-page summary version please visit 8.quark.com/pfeiffer_report.html.

To view the full results as well as detailed descriptions of the benchmark methodology download the complete benchmark report at www.pfeifferreport.com.

About Pfeiffer Consulting
Pfeiffer Consulting is an independent technology research institute and consulting operation focused on the needs of publishing digital content production and new media professionals.

About Quark
Quark Inc. (www.quark.com) provides desktop publishing and dynamic publishing software that help customers design and publish richly designed communications across a broad spectrum of media. Two decades ago our flagship product — QuarkXPress — changed the course of traditional publishing. Today not only does QuarkXPress continue to innovate in the desktop publishing market — now Quark is revolutionizing publishing again with Quark® Dynamic Publishing Solution helping customers cost-effectively meet enterprise-scale publishing challenges by extending the benefits of advanced technologies across the publishing process. Denver-based Quark Inc. is privately held.