Quark Launches 58 City QuarkXPress 8 Global Tour

July 7, 2008

Article by: Quark

Quark Invites Creatives around the World to Xperience Design with QuarkXPress 8

DENVER – 07-03-2008 – Quark Inc. announced today that it will host a 58 city tour to introduce its recently launched QuarkXPress 8 to creative professionals around the world. The tour officially kicked off last week with a first-ever customer event at the company’s global headquarters in Denver and will run though October. Attendees from Europe Australia and New Zealand Asia the United States and Latin America will have the unique opportunity to be among the first in the world to discover the enhanced design experience of QuarkXPress 8.

QuarkXPress 8 delivers superior design power through a new intuitive interface developed purposefully for the creation of high-end page layout; print Web and Flash® authoring tools; design-driven typography; and global publishing capabilities — all of which enable designers to push creativity to its limits with confidence and control. QuarkXPress 8 offers users an enhanced design experience so they can work faster and smarter by quickly and easily accessing the tools they need. The new intuitive interface delivers updates that allow for more design with fewer clicks.

The QuarkXPress 8 Xperience Design Global Tour will offer participants the chance to discover the new modern and intuitive interface of QuarkXPress 8 as well as learn how to apply their design skills across print the Web and to Flash®. Attendees will also learn how the new tools in QuarkXPress 8 including native Illustrator® file import improved picture illustration and text tools fully customizable hanging characters and design grids will enable them to work faster and smarter.

“We’ve had an amazing response to the recent launch of QuarkXPress 8 at drupa in Germany and from customers and media around the world. We want to share this excitement across the globe so that attendees in every region can discover the new QuarkXPress and benefit from this enhanced design experience ” said Terry Welty Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing for Quark. “It’s also a great opportunity for attendees to meet with fellow designers creative professionals industry influencers and their local Quark Team. Now with its easy support for global publishing and QuarkXPress 8 being the first-ever simultaneous global release of QuarkXPress a Global Tour was an obvious choice.”

Partner support
Joining the Global Tour in the US and reinforcing the overwhelming and positive worldwide reception of QuarkXPress 8 QuarkAlliance partners and industry heavyweights FFEI® Pantone®/X-Rite® Talented Pixie® Markzware® Aquent Graphics Institute® and Microsoft® sponsor the events to promote their QuarkXPress 8-centric services and products.

Where is the Xperience Design Global Tour?
The Xperience Design Global Tour will span 30 countries and 58 cities across the globe. The countries and cities are Argentina (Buenos Aires) Austria (Vienna) Australia (Sydney Melbourne Brisbane) Belgium (Brussels) Chile (Santiago) Brazil (Sao Paulo) China (Shanghai) Czech Republic (Prague) Denmark (Copenhagen) Finland (Helsinki) France (Lille Lyon Marseilles Nantes Paris Toulouse) Germany (Cologne Stuttgart Dresden Munich Hamburg ) Ireland (Dublin) Italy (Milan Rome Turin) Japan (Tokyo) Malaysia ( Kuala Lumpar) Mexico (Mexico City) The Netherlands (Amsterdam) New Zealand (Auckland) Norway (Oslo) Peru (Lima) Poland (Warsaw) Portugal (Lisbon) Russia (Moscow) Singapore (Singapore) Spain (Madrid Barcelona) Sweden (Stockholm Gothenburg) Switzerland (Geneva Zurich) the United Kingdom (Bristol Edinburgh London Manchester) and the United States (Denver New York Chicago Rochester Boston Los Angeles San Francisco Atlanta Dallas Milwaukee (Pewaukee)).

How to register?
Register today for the Xperience Design Global Tour at a city near you by visiting http://www.quark.com/about/events/quarkxpress8_roadshow.html. Spaces are limited and will be available on a first -come basis. Attendees will receive an automated confirmation email once they have registered on the Web site which can be brought along to the event as proof of registration. Once attendees have completed the online registration and received this confirmation email there is no need to further reconfirm attendance. Just mark the date in your calendar and we’ll see you at your chosen event location.

Not able to attend?
For anyone not able to attend visit 8.quark.com to find out more about QuarkXPress 8 and look out for the 60-day fully functional test drive version coming soon.