PuzzleFlow Solutions at Pittsburgh Post Gazette

September 16, 2014

Article by: News Hub Media

Earlier this month (9/7 – 9/8/2014) representatives of PuzzleFlow Solutions other vendors and employees of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette were present at the inaugural run of the Post Gazette’s brand new press.

The Post Gazette leapt forward in technology hardware and course as it went from film based prepress letterpress printing and large broadsheet format to high capacity Krause direct to plate systems driven by PuzzleFlow 100% PDF workflow (both supplied by Fujifilm USA) and an innovative Goss press managed by Harland Simon software and equipment.

PuzzleFlow’s WebPairer newspaper workflow – located at the new production facility near the Pittsburgh airport – receives PDF pages from the Post Gazette’s Libercus pagination system performs preflighting color management ink optimization CIP3 file creation and more while providing soft and hard-proofs (both at the downtown offices and at the production facility) through its browser interface.

Press planning information from the Harland Simon press control system is passed to PuzzleFlow WebPairer where it is used to pre-populate page pairing configuration and to auto-generate barcodes that are placed on each plate by PuzzleFlow WebPairer for use by the NELA automated plate bending and sorting system.

Working closely with other vendors the Post Gazette staff and the Gazette’s production consultant David Preisser PuzzleFlow’s developers and technicians are proud that their system is smack in the middle of the production process as the essential interface workflow mediator and communications channel that brings the front-end pages into the production facility integrates press planning data and delivers plate ready files set to print.

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