PuzzleFlow Releases Case Study Video

June 17, 2010

Article by: News Hub Media

PuzzleFlow Solutions recently completed installation of an integrated workflow system for Hoosiertimes Inc. The system includes two workflow servers one in Bloomington Indiana at the Herald-Times and one in Bedford Indiana at the Times-Mail. These interconnected servers running PuzzleFlow WebPairer Automator and InkSaver service both facilities and do the heavy lifting to produce multiple daily newspapers and a large number of commercial jobs.

PuzzleFlow Solutions has completed and released a short case study video in two parts which has been posted on YouTube with links on the www.puzzleflow.us website. This video reviews the installation and implementation at the Hoosiertimes sites. Direct links are as follows:

PuzzleFlow at Hoosiertimes Inc. – Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2M1ShQY7v7w

PuzzleFlow at Hoosiertimes Inc. – Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uw-jl-lU8kA

Software Background information:

PuzzleFlow WebPairer – automated full-featured PDF page pairing/imposition workflow for newspapers. Built around a native PDF processing engine that works with all file formats (PostScript EPS TIF etc…) PagePairer will automatically pre-flight files manage workflow pair/impose files schedule track direct notify and produce print-ready plate files for in-house or remote print site production. It will also automatically deliver other needed formats of your pages (archive PDF online PDF JPG GIF TIF etc.) to anywhere you need them when you need them. ( https://pagecooperative.com/uploads/reference_sheets/puzzleflow_webpairer.pdf )

PuzzleFlow Automator – optimization preflight fixing and delivery of Ads and Pages for newspapers and publishers. Automator links in with ad tracking and ad booking software and does correction and validation of ads providing lo-res link files for composition to place while building pages. PuzzleFlow Automator will optimize incoming documents auto-correct them for prepress issues notify you of problems auto-resize ads and pages and automate the imaging delivery archiving and purging of files. Automator uses an intuitive web interface that offers full user functionality on or off-site. ( https://pagecooperative.com/uploads/reference_sheets/puzzleflow_automator.pdf )

PuzzleFlow InkSaver – Automated InkSaving system that works with any PDF compatible RIP or workflow. InkSaver uses advanced ICC/CMM processing to reduce CMY ink usage in the neighborhood of 25% while preserving pure grays maintaining color gamut protecting two and three color traps and producing identical colorimetric results to the original. ( https://pagecooperative.com/uploads/reference_sheets/puzzleflow_inksaver.pdf )