PuzzleFlow offers Free Online InkSaver

July 13, 2010

Article by: News Hub Media

PuzzleFlow Solutions announces a FREE three week online trial of its Advanced InkSaver software for PAGE Cooperative members. Those wondering about ink saving software can . . .

Try it right now online – for FREE!

PAGE Cooperative members can register using the link below and within minutes they will have unrestricted access to InkSaver Online for three weeks. Upload files and InkSaver Online will produce fully ink optimized PDF files which can be used in production. The InkSaver Online Trial will also generate reports showing ink usage and ink savings.

Follow this link to register: http://page.puzzleflow.us


PuzzleFlow InkSaver is an automated InkSaving system that works with any PDF compatible RIP or workflow. InkSaver uses advanced ICC/CMM processing to reduce CMY ink usage in the neighborhood of 25% while preserving pure grays maintaining color gamut protecting two and three color traps and producing identical colorimetric results to the original.