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September 3, 2010

Article by: News Hub Media

PuzzleFlow NEWSLETTER – Summer 2010

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Ink Saving Software – It is for real!

This article contains a brief history of Ink Savings and Ink Optimization; how it works and why it improves quality and saves money. Too good to be true? See for yourself – try InkSaver right now online for FREE: http://page.puzzleflow.us


Express Client: The Forgotten Feature

A review of a powerful tool that is included with WebPairer and Automator at no extra charge. Express client is a customizable interface that allows for your customers or operators to preflight and review files on their own systems before submitting them to your WebPairer or Automator locally or over the web. That s right job submission over the web at no extra charge.


WebPairer Update Released

New features and enhancements include:

• 1-bit PDF input support

• Improved web growth interface

• Standardized Renamers

• E-edition PDF format output

• A new version of Express Client

• Speed Improvements

• And More




PuzzleFlow chosen by:

The Villages Daily Sun

The Aberdeen American News

The Somerset Daily American

The Pioneer of Big Rapids

CNHI s Valdosta Daily Times


PuzzleFlow WebPairer is chosen
by five newspapers in Russia:

Nizhiy Novgorod






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PuzzleFlow will be at
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